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He Tatau Pounamu (Presale)

He Tatau Pounamu (Presale)

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We are at a decisive moment as a nation, a time when the Treaty of Waitangi is being called into question. This bond of grace was signed nearly two hundred years ago by the representatives of two sovereign nations. It was agreed then that their respective peoples would live together in an interdependent unity of mutual respect for each other and for the treaty’s protocols. However, since 1840 that relationship has been under duress, and the compact often disregarded and dishonoured. Today, we stand at another decisive moment as a nation, a moment that calls for wise response. Without an understanding of its foundations, the treaty is in danger of becoming either an historical artifact or a legalistic charter of rights. Neither of these extremes will bring back the life that was hoped for at Waitangi in 1840. We need to consider: what is so special about this historic agreement? Is this a covenantal relationship? If such a relationship is broken, how can it be restored? What should our responses be? All these questions require us to pause, to ponder, and to act.

In this new book, historian and theologian Dr Alistair Reese takes up these questions, helping us to understand how the treaty is he tatau pounamu—a covenant pathway of reconciliation. He considers the history and context of this foundational document, including the role of the Church and the Christian gospel in its shape and interpretation. And with compassion and insight he lays before us the challenge of how best to respond—how best now to honour the Treaty. Produced as a special bilingual edition, with forewords by Professor Tom Roa (Ngāti Maniapoto, Waikato) and Archbishop David Moxon, He Tatau Pounamu represents the distilled wisdom and committed action of a lifetime from this remarkable advocate for the Treaty and the gospel in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Presale available now. Order now and receive this book in July.

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